Get Involved by Donating Your Fish

Poseidon Fisheries Research is looking  to fill the gap of missing life history information for Hawaii’s coral reef species. We’re working with fish markets and fishermen to collect length, weight, age, growth, and maturity information for these local species.

We’re glad to accept any fish of the species pictured below and return your cleaned catch to you after we collect the necessary samples for our study. 


Yellowfin Surgeonfish  Acanthurus xanthopterus

Also known as: Yellow-mask surgeonfish, Ringtail surgeonfish 

Max size: 70 cm TL

Description: A gray bodied surgeonfish with yellow pectoral fins and yellow patch near each eye. Dorsal soft rays: (25-27), Anal soft rays: (23-25).



Ringtail Surgeonfish

Acanthurus blochii

Also known as: Tailring surgeonfish, Blue banded Pualu, Dark surgeonfish

Max size: 45 cm TL

Description: Body is blue or grayish in color with brown pectoral fins. Little coloration except for yellow patch near eye and thin horizontal striping across face. White ring occurs near the base of the caudal fin, similar to A. xanthopterus. Dorsal soft rays: (24-27), Anal soft rays: (24-25)



Whitespine Surgeonfis

Acanthurus dussumeiri

Also known as: Eyestripe surgeonfish

Max size: 54 cm TL

Description: A light blue or gray body with a yellow and blue striped dorsal fin. A White spine outlined in black that is noticeably larger when compared to Pualu. Thick yellow band across the head that continues across each eye. Ornate striping of blue and yellow across face. Dorsal soft rays: (25-27), Anal soft rays: (24-26).

Na'e Na'e

Orangeband Surgeonfish

Acanthurus olivaceus

Also known as: Orangeblotch surgeonfish, Orangebar surgeonfish, Orangespot surgeonfish

Max size: 35 cm TL

Description: Light gray to dark black body (color varies). White margin on tail fin. Orange band outlined in dark gray/black on each side of the body. Dorsal soft rays: (23-25), Anal soft rays: (22-24).


Orangespine Unicornfish

Naso lituratus

Also known as: Clown Tang, Clown unicornfish, Barcheek unicornfish, Blankfinned unicornfish, Masked unicornfish, Naso trang

Max size: 46 cm TL

Description: A black-bodied unicornfish with two non-retractable orange spines on each side of the caudal peduncle. Males posses two streamers that extend from the caudal fin. Dorsal soft rays: (26-29), Anal soft rays: (27-30) 



Bigeye Emperor


Monotaxis grandoculis

Also known as: Humpnose big-eye bream, Bigeye seabream, Grand-eyed porgy fish

Max size: 46 cm TL

Description: Adult bigeye emperors are noted by their elongated body with a blunt head and big lips. They are covered with large silvery gray scales accompanied by red to pink pectoral fins. Dorsal soft rays: (10), Anal soft rays: (9).”

Ulua aukea

Giant Trevally

Caranx ignobolis

Also known as: Black ulua, White ulua, Barrier trevally, Lowly trevally

Max size: 46 cm TL

Description:  Adults are black or gray dorsally and typically have a lighter underside. All fins are various shades of gray. Dorsal soft rays: (18-21), Anal soft rays: (15-17).;”> 

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