Get Involved by Donating Your Fish

Poseidon Fisheries Research is looking  to fill the gaps of missing life history information for Hawaii’s coral reef species. We’re working with fish markets and fishers to collect length, weight, age, growth, and maturity information for these local species.

We’ll gladly accept any fish species pictured below and will return your cleaned catch to you after we collect the necessary samples for our study. 


Sea Chubs

Kyphosus sp.

Hawaii actually has 5 different species of nenue!! We are currently conducting full life history workups for each. They often school in shallow rocky areas close to the surge. 

Attains 15 in.

Description: Most have a drab gray body while some may be two-toned alternating dark and light gray, spotted white, striped bronze, or even take a pure yellow morph which Hawaiians referred to as the “queen nenue.”


Orangespine Unicornfish

Naso lituratus

The umaumalei is a common species found on our reefs here in Hawaii. While it is a unicornfish, the umaumalei does not have the distinct horn on its head like other members of its genus. The sharp spines near the base of its tail are a trait it shares with all other members of the surgeonfish family and are used as a defense against predators. These spines are incredibly sharp so be cautious when handling this fish.

Attains 18 in

Description: Black-bodied with two non-retractable orange spines on each side of the caudal peduncle. Males posses two streamers that extend from the caudal fin. Orange lips with black and yellow facemask. 


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